Thankful Thursday – 6/29/17

Today’s post will seem a little strange.  But we have a number of friends going through REALLY tough times; agonizing, painful, grief-laden times.  We don’t understand the reason but take comfort in the concept that there is a blessing in all of it.  Little graces, small mercies, moments where love and compassion shine through.  This song says it all so beautifully.

Thankful Thursday – 6/22/17

Today we are thankful for those that do not let the miles between our physical locations stand in the way of building relationships.  Whether through text messages or social networking connections, they reach out as often as possible to let us know that we are loved.  And sometimes that matters more than anything!

Thankful Thursday – June 8, 2017

Being in a ministry couple is a strange experience.  The minister is on call 24/7, there’s no such thing as a date night unless you leave town, and it’s the only job where hubby’s employer feels the right to make demands of the minister’s spouse.

So it is a special treat when you meet another ministry couple and have a chance to chat with those who completely understand.  It’s an absolute treasure when you meet a ministry couple who become valued friends.  God has blessed us with just such a couple in Bishop D.C. Darensbourg and his fabulous wife Cherton.  As God has moved Jim out of “traditional ministry”, we have become even more grateful for their friendship, support, and encouragement.