“I beseech you, brothers, through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all say the same thing and that there should no longer be divisions among you, but that you should be perfected in the same mind and the same judgment.” – 1 Corinthians 1:10

A common strategy in military history is that of “divide and conquer.” Many smaller forces have used this strategy successfully against a larger and superior enemy. It is successful because, having divided the larger force, an inferior force can now fight against a force similar in size and power, giving it a better chance of victory. 

This strategy has been a “go-to” strategy for the enemy of God and His people – Satan. Satan began to utilize this strategy very soon after the establishment of the Church. Very early in church history it is seen how divisions had become very common. The church in the city of Corinth is a prime example from the New Testament, though not the only one. 

This church located at Corinth were made up of many smaller groups of believers, what is known as “house churches.” There were multiple reasons that caused these divisions. Some of those reasons were the following of different teachers, socio-economic, and theological stances, among others, but the result of each reason was the same; the people of God in the city of Corinth were fractured and divided, when what they should have been was united. 

When there are divisions present among the people of God in a city, perfection will not occur. It is impossible, for one of the signs of perfection, or maturity, of believers is the level of unity present with other believers in a certain area and region, working together as the body of Christ in order to impact the kingdom of God in both quantity and quality.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that the problem of disunity ended with the close of the New Testament. Divisions among God’s people are just as common today as in the New Testament. And because that is the case, the enemy is winning the battle for the hearts and souls and minds of people. 

Want to know why the church has become irrelevant and often impotent in this country? It’s because, due to these divisions, the church has become just like the rest of the world. The world divides people, because the world is the domain of the enemy. How can a group of people claim to have something different to offer people than the rest of the world when in practice they are no different than the rest of the world? And, hence, the church of God has become irrelevant and impotent in this world.

If we want to see that reality change, the divisions that are present among the people of God in a city/region must be eliminated. Until that happens, nothing will change. Each and every congregation present in a local community must come together, setting aside those things that has divided them, and being of one mind and one judgment, that being of Christ alone, and work together to build the kingdom of God.



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